Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sacrifice #3 Update

I am very sorry for not posting anything related to the comic. I didn't stop working on it, I am slower, that's all. I am being very picky with textures and stuff, I am burning a lot of the time reserved for this project just testing different formats.

I am inking the last batch of pages, I did extend the ending a bit more. Now, it's 36 pages + 2 different covers.

I will not give a new release date, I don't want to upset you guys even more. But don't worry, the day is close! Believe me!


  1. Oh, we believe you, am I right guys?

  2. First of all wow this looks amazing, mother and daughter look bigger and the Goddess is supposed to been even bigger than them WOW. I think we can agree this comic is worth the wait, however the silence we had from Reddy wasn't a nice feeling. However if you working on it I guess bit okay m super excited now after seeing this. So when is the release date? At least we should we that much lol

  3. You have been doing the game updates on your patreon pretty much weekly though... this comic has been in development since May 2016... should be priority so you can do full time game stuff instead of splitting time.

    1. I have to agree these delays keep increase and alot are because of the duel production. I understand that with the game he is working with other people but honestly finish this first. That way you can work on the game guilt free, cause we do deserve to know when this is coming out. Does inking take very long?